Explore Islamorada By Boat

Islamorada offers so much to see when you get away from shore. Wildlife, vast open water, other boats, islands, amazing watercolors, interesting and historic real estate, and the best part..the escape of everyday life on land. On any given tour, you might encounter Dolphins, Sharks, Sting Rays Turtles, Saltwater Crocodiles, and endless seasonal wild bird life. You will also get the chance to learn some local Islamorada and Florida Keys history. We have two islands that are State Parks close by, Lignum Vitae and Indian Key. We also have lots of bridges to see, remnants of the old Flagler Railroad and countless square miles of very beautiful shallow water to enjoy. Don’t forget our deck boat has total shade, very comfortable seating, island tunes and an iced cooler for beverages to make the trip perfect.

Eco-Trip Rates

We can accommodate up to 6 guests on all of our boat tours, and all tax is included within our pricing.

2 Hours: $325
3 Hours: $425
4 Hours: $550